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Get FSVP Compliant with Sirocco Consulting!

Get FSVP Compliant with Sirocco Consulting!

Are you a food importer who needs help with a Foreign Supplier Verification Program? Your deadline to be compliant is fast approaching!


FSVP Deadline: March 19, 2018

If you must comply in full with the FSVP requirements and if you are a small business (less than 500 employees), you will have until March 19, 2018 or 6 months after your foreign suppliers meet the Preventive Control Rule for Human Foods to comply. Don’t waste time, contact Sirocco and start developing your FSVP plan today!

How can Sirocco help with FSVP?

Sirocco Food and Wine Consulting is PCQI-approved and able to work with you and your foreign suppliers to develop your FSVP plan. We are trained food safety experts who will:

  • Evaluate the risk posed by the imported food product,
  • Assess your foreign supplier’s food safety performance,
  • Approve your foreign suppliers,
  • Develop and monitor supplier verification activities including corrective actions,
  • Maintain your FSVP plan.


Did you know there is an easy-to-use cloud-based FDA FSMA portal that will save you time & money on FSVP compliance?

Click here to learn more about Sirocco’s FSVP services and this software!

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