GMP | Good Manufacturing Practices

What are GMPs?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) provide basic operating conditions and minimal hygienic requirements for the production of safe food. GMPs are internationally recognized and originate from Codex Alimentarius guidelines. GMPs form the pre-requisites or foundation of a HACCP-based food safety system. You need to implement robust GMP procedures prior to developing and implementing a HACCP plan. By following GMP, you control the risks of introducing food safety hazards into food.  The pre-requisite programs address the manufacturing site and operational practices. They must be documented and updated whenever changes to product or process occur and must be reviewed annually.

Why Implement GMPs in Your Business?

  • To enhance food safety and comply with food safety laws and regulations
  • To prevent foodborne illness and recalls
  • To prevent foodborne injury
  • To prevent food spoilage
  • To standardize your process
  • To foster a food safety culture where employees are knowledgeable and accountable

How can Sirocco help with GMPs?

Sirocco Consulting will help you successfully implement GMP by ensuring that your food safety documentation is in place and that your employees are trained and understand their food safety responsibilities. We have a proven track record of timely and successful HACCP and GMP implementations in the food manufacturing industry. Sirocco Consulting will help you develop your food safety procedures (SOPs) and train your employees on GMP principles. If you wish to validate your GMP program by a third-party organization, we will also prepare you for your GMP audit. A successful GMP audit conducted by a respected certification body will prepare you for HACCP or Global Food Safety certification.

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