Tastelweb© was created by Mr. Bertrand Thuillier, CEO of ABT Informatique, a French company founded in 1995. Mr. Thuillier is a professor of food engineering and sensory evaluation at Polytech Lille, AgroSup Dijon et EBI (Paris). In 2015, ABT introduced a new and innovative sensory test, called Pivot® Profile test.

Sirocco Food + Wine Consulting is the representative for Tastelweb© in Canada and the United States.


Featured Sensory Tests

Triangle Tests

The triangle test is a discriminative method which enables the comparison of two samples to determine if an overall sensory difference exists between two products. This test does not require expert assessors but it is used to screen potential panelists to assess their sensory acuity. This test is ubiquitous in the food industry to determine the effects of slight changes in product formulation or process on the sensory profile of a product.

Food Profiling/QDA®

Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA®) is a robust sensory profiling methodology. QDA® was developed by Tragon Corporation in collaboration with UC Davis. When implementing sensory profiling and QDA® methodology, expert panelists or judges perform multiple product evaluations by rating the intensity of sensory descriptors using linear scales. The methodology is most effective when the panelists enjoy a good consensus regarding the sensory descriptors under study. Statistical analysis makes it possible to determine panelist performance and to quantify sensory differences amongst samples. QDA® results are often graphically represented such as on a spider graph or PCA plot.

Pivot® Profile Test

Pivot profiling is a rapid data collection methodology which requires that panelists assess and describe the sensory profile of a sample by comparing it to a control known as “the pivot”. This novel technique provides an alternative to QDA®, suitable to consumer studies. It was first introduced by Mr. Bertrand Thuillier’s team in a French study on Champagne. The method has also been tested on chocolate ice cream, honey and beer. The strength of the methodology is that it allows panelists to use their own language to describe differences in intensity between two products.


Napping (from nappe, “tablecloth” in French) is a sensory evaluation methodology that requires expert panelists to group samples in a two-dimensional space according to how similar or different they perceive the samples to be from one another, placing samples which display similar sensory profiles close together and samples which are different further apart. The assessment can be conducted on a flat surface (table or workbench) or using a computer screen.

Panel Training and
Performance Module

Tastelweb© allows the sensory panel coordinator to organise panel training sessions. Samples varying in intensity are prepared and assessed by the panel. The assessment is treated as for a profiling study, but a review of panelists’ scores is performed instead. It is possible to pre-populate sensory scores in order to determine differences between panelist scores and expected results. Overall panel performance results can be studied as well as individual panelist’s results.

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We would like to express how grateful we are to have found Sirocco Consulting. We were a week away from our first ever SQF desk audit when we decided to purchase the SQF Templates Bundle from Sirocco. We had about 60% of our procedures in place but were able to rely on Sirocco’s template to cover the rest. The SOPs and Forms provided by Sirocco were detailed and covered all requirements of the SQF code.  We did not have any non-conformities on procedures that we implemented using the templates provided by Sirocco. After the desk audit we continued to work with Karine. A month and a half later we passed our first SQF site audit with only 6 minor non-conformities. This would not have been possible without Sirocco Consulting. Thank you from the team at Blue Ocean.
I would like to take this opportunity to express how very satisfied I was to receive and work with the Sirocco SQF bundle.  What a time saver! The templates are very easy to use and adjust to make your own. They saved me countless hours of work, guiding me through the necessary steps and gave my program a cohesive professional look. One can become overwhelmed with the volumes of paperwork that is needed for SQF and HACCP.  The Sirocco SQF bundle definitely lightened that load and combined with Karine's expertise, I couldn't be happier. Highly recommended.
I am very happy with the service Sirocco provided us. Karine and Sean are amazing food scientists/experts!  They are super knowledgeable and respond in such a timely manner when I need the support urgently with my seafood business. I cannot thank them enough for their help. Highly recommended!

Karine, […] I just wanted to thank you for the work you did on our PCP [plan]. We were audited by CFIA in November and did very well.

We were in a situation that required that we get an SQF Certification in a very short period of time. Sirocco Consulting provided us with the templates we needed and talked us through the process. No doubt without them we could not have achieved receiving our certification in the allotted time. Karine was our consultant and she made the process understandable and much less daunting than it would have been otherwise. I highly recommend Sirocco Consulting to any company that needs a third-party audit. It was one of the best investments we made in our trek to become third-party certified. We are counting on significant return on investment having achieved this milestone in our growth. Thanks Sirocco!
When we decided to implement the SQF program in our facility we knew we would have to develop a lot of new procedures and forms. We reached out to Karine Lawrence of Sirocco Consulting and with her guidance and templates, we were able to smoothly implement the code. The template package was very complete and easy to follow; each document made reference to the element of the code being covered making it easy to track our progress and if we had any questions Karine was quick to answer and provide examples. We had our desk audit recently and the auditor was happy to see how complete our documentation was, the template package and Karine’s support were key in this accomplishment.
“Thank you” very much for being with us for conducting the “Basic Sensory Science” Training here at Silver Spring Foods on the 27th September 2019. It was a great pleasure meeting with you and working with you during the course of the workshop and It was indeed a great training session. [...]It was great that our teams had the opportunity to screen the basic characteristic of the food products and along with our own range of product samples. We were very delighted the way that you presented the training and conducted the sample screenings during the session. Once again Thanking You for the job well done and for providing Certificates of Accomplishments to our Teams!
I would like to express my gratitude to my instructor Karine Lawrence, for dedicating her valuable time and energy into the FSPCA (Preventive Controls for Human Food) workshop which I attended in Toronto. The workshop was extremely informative. The teaching method, contents, and the combination of presentations and assignments were in a perfect accordance with the objectives of the workshop, as it addressed all my questions and the ambiguities that I had in my mind before the meeting. I believe that the enthusiasm and positive responses of all participants to the workshop were a reflection of usefulness and credibility of Karine’s performance during the event as well as the importance of the presented topics throughout the workshop.
I am writing this testimonial to express my gratitude to Karine Lawrence from Sirocco Food + Wine Consulting. We started our SQF implementation using the Sirocco SQF templates last August (2019) and just passed SQF 8.1 stage 1 and 2 audits on October and December. The templates are professionally written and the implementation was very easy. I highly recommend the Sirocco Consulting Templates. Thank you very much Karine.
I would like to thank both of you for organizing & presenting this informative valuable training for Food Industry Professionals within the QA Sector. With the SFCR enactment recently, I have gained valuable insight on the expectations of CFIA along with the opportunities & grants  that are available from the “Post - Farm Food Safety Program through your presentation.
Also, Ketki’s presentation on compliance with the FSMA-“Foreign Supplier Verification” gave me valuable information on the expectations of the “Importer” from the “supplier” with regards to pertinent documents associated to food products being exported to the US.
Thanks once again  for all you support.
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