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As a Faculty Instructor in the area of Food Technology, a key course taught in the BCIT programme, is sensory evaluation. Most of it is a hands-on approach with physically applying and calculating the correct statistics associated with the testing. When Karine reached out to me with the opportunity to try out a sensory software programme from Tastelweb©, it enabled the students to look at tests such as QDA  and Pivot Profiling Tests in more detail. Its ease of use, ability to conduct on a smartphone and automatic calculation of statistical analysis was a winner with the students!  This programme also created very good impactful visuals for easy interpretation even for the non-scientist. Karine was also available to provide backup support for set up and interpretation of the results. This programme provides the flexibility of usage without a contract, especially to a smaller business where cost is a big factor. In addition, exposure to software programmes like Tastelweb© helps build a good portfolio for students graduating in a competitive industry.

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1 Test, 5 Tests

$499.00 USD$1,950.00 USD

No contract is needed to access Tastelweb©. We will provide login information. A detailed online help section is provided to initiate and conduct a test as well as to create, edit and save a report. Contact us if you require more information and assistance.

Individual sensory test purchases for $499 USD. Your choice of 5 tests:

  • Mapping/ Napping®
  • Consumer
  • Triangle
  • QDA®
  • Pivot

Or Access to a Bundle of Five Tests for $1950 USD

Your purchase of 5 sensory tests gives you access to all 5 sensory methodologies. You may trial them all, select 5 identical tests or a combination of tests that suits your sensory project needs.


$499.00 USD$1,950.00 USD