Upcoming Courses

Upcoming Food Safety Courses

Contact Sirocco regarding registration details or click the course below to be directed to the registration page through SAI Global or Bureau Veritas. Each course listed below is instructed by Karine Lawrence of Sirocco Consulting.

Link to the SAI Global Course calendar: https://learning.saiassurance.com/courses/

Link to the Bureau Veritas Course calendar: https://www.bureauveritastraining.com/us/food-safety-training-programs

SQF Internal Auditing4/25/20224/26/2022
Food HACCP Plan Development5/19/20225/20/2022
FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food6/22/20226/24/2022
SQF Internal Auditing6/27/20226/28/2022
PCQI Human Food5/30/20228/25/2022
HACCP for the food industry07/11/202207/12/2022
Implementing SQF Systems - Manufacturing Edition 907/14/202207/15/2022
GFSI internal Auditing07/26/202207/27/2022
Food Defense08/04/202208/04/2022
Food Fraud08/09/202208/09/2022
FSPCA/PCQI Blended (Part 2)08/11/202208/04/2022
HACCP for the food industry09/13/202209/14/2022
Implementing SQF Systems - Manufacturing Edition 909/21/202209/22/2022
FSPCA/PCQI Blended (Part 2)09/30/202209/30/2022
Food Defense10/25/202210/25/2022
Food Fraud10/26/202210/26/2022
Implementing SQF Systems - Manufacturing Edition 911/02/202211/03/2022
HACCP for the food industry11/09/202211/10/2022
FSPCA/PCQI Blended (Part 2)11/15/202211/15/2022
Implementing SQF Systems - Manufacturing Edition 912/08/202212/08/2022
HACCP for the food industry12/14/202212/15/2022
FSPCA/PCQI Blended (Part 2)12/20/202212/20/2022

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