Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessments

Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessments

Since the publication of the GFSI benchmarking requirements (version 7), the industry is focusing on preventing food fraud incidents. By “food fraud”, we mean product adulteration, substitution or product mislabeling for economic gain. Food fraud may compromise your brand, affecting the integrity of your products and making them potentially unsafe for consumption.

When the GFSI-benchmarked SQF code (Edition 8.0) became live on January 1, 2018, food businesses started researching how to perform food fraud vulnerability assessments, a new requirement of the SQF certification.

How can Sirocco help you develop a Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment?

Sirocco Food and Wine Consulting is SQF-certified. We are trained food safety experts who will:


  • Use best practices in food fraud management
  • Assess the food fraud risks associated with your products’ ingredients and raw materials
  • Use legitimate online resources (UPC food fraud database,, recognized food safety publication articles and papers)
  • Perform a risk assessment and generate a food fraud vulnerability assessment that will meet SQF edition 8.0 requirements
  • Recommend monitoring and verification activities

Are you ready for your next SQF audit? We can develop or refine your Food Fraud Vulnerability Plan! Call Sirocco at 778-821-1392 to discuss your needs.