SFCR – Safe Food for Canadians Regulations and Preventative Control Plans

How Sirocco Can Help

Sirocco Consulting will develop your food safety plan in compliance with Canadian food safety regulations (Safe Food for Canadian Regulations or SFCR) to ensure your company is able to successfully manufacture or import food to be sold in Canada. We provide a customized plan based on Codex HACCP requirements and developed by a certified Canadian HACCP professional.

Hire an Expert to Develop A Customized Canadian Preventive Control Plan (PCP plan)

If you want to ensure your Preventive Control Plan is compliant with the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), we can help.
Start by contacting Sirocco to assess where you are in the process and clarify next steps.

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What is the scope? What are the requirements and penalties? What does it mean for your business?

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How It Works

Canadian Preventative Control Plan Development

Step 1

Outline Your Food Manufacturing or Holding Process

  • Use a flow diagram or narrative
  • Include all inputs (Ingredients, raw materials, processing aids)
  • Identify manual steps and automated steps in your process

Step 2

Submit Your Process Documentation to Sirocco

Sirocco completes the entire hazard analysis on materials, processing aids, ingredients, packaging and process steps. Biological, chemical and physical hazards are determined. Preventive controls are identified and monitoring, verification and record keeping procedures developed. Your plan is documented using CFIA templates.

Step 3

Receive a customized Canadian Preventative Control Plan for your company

Sirocco will have your plan delivered and ready for review within 7 business days on average.


How often do you need to update a Canadian Preventive Control Plan?

The plan must be updated when changes occur to a product or process. Developing a HACCP plan is one way to meet the SFCR requirements. A Canadian PCP must also address market fairness requirements. PCP plan records must be retained for two years.

What is the cost and turnover time for Sirocco to prepare a customized Canadian Preventive Control Plan?

Prices start at $1300 (CAD) for a custom plan and it takes our team seven business days to complete and deliver the PCP plan once we receive all the information needed about the foreign vendor(s) and imported products. Use our templates to create your own HACCP/PCP plan (manufacturing or import) and certify to HACCP. If you need assistance or need an expert to review your HACCP/PCP plans, we charge an hourly rate of $120 CAD. Budget 1-2 hours for the review.

Get Your Canadian HACCP Certification Templates!

Our user-friendly and detailed Canadian HACCP Certification templates will help your team learn and implement the Safe Food for Canadian Regulations. Canadian businesses who hold a CFIA licence to manufacture, process, treat, preserve, grade, package or label food are required to comply with SFCR.

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Get Your PCP Importer Templates!

A PCP is a written plan outlining how Canadian importers ensure that imported food is safe and fit for human consumption in Canada and conforms to Canadian consumer protection requirements.

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Start by booking an expert chat to assess where you are in the process and clarify next steps.

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What Clients Are Saying

Karine, […] I just wanted to thank you for the work you did on our PCP [plan]. We were audited by CFIA in November and did very well.

I would like to thank both of you for organizing & presenting this informative valuable training for Food Industry Professionals within the QA Sector. With the SFCR enactment recently, I have gained valuable insight on the expectations of CFIA along with the opportunities & grants  that are available from the “Post - Farm Food Safety Program through your presentation.
Also, the FSVP presentation on compliance with the FSMA-“Foreign Supplier Verification” gave me valuable information on the expectations of the “Importer” from the “supplier” with regards to pertinent documents associated to food products being exported to the US.
Thanks once again  for all you support.
I attended the FSPCA Preventive Controls (Human Food)/PCQI course offered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Course materials were good, the mentoring approach was good, and working with other people in group setting made the course content much clearer. Karine Lawrence, the PCQI instructor did a good job of communicating and... Read More
I recently attended the training session for PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) required by the FDA for food exporters and U.S. food processing facilities. Karine Lawrence presented a clear view of the requirements and provided good practical example on how to implement them. She worked her way though the extensive manual in a... Read More
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