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At Sirocco, we know how to get your food manufacturing or food warehouse business HACCP certified. We can help with developing a Codex-compliant HACCP Plan and implement your food safety system towards passing a certification audit.  

HACCP is an international food safety standard. Whether you need to be compliant with the Canadian Preventive Control requirements or seeking GFSI certification, you will need HACCP and we can help. Start by booking an expert chat to assess where you are in the process and clarify next steps.  

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How Sirocco Can Help

Achieve HACCP Certification

Sirocco Consulting will help you successfully achieve HACCP certification by ensuring that your food safety documentation is in place and that your employees are trained and understand their food safety responsibilities. We have a proven track record of timely and successful HACCP and GMP implementations in the food manufacturing industry. Sirocco Consulting will help you develop your Good Manufacturing Program (GMP) procedures and your HACCP plan. We will also prepare you for the certification audit by carefully reviewing your program and ensuring that your procedures have been trained and implemented.


How It Works

The HACCP Certification Process 

Implementing a HACCP-based food safety system first requires that your company  implement robust GMPs  or pre-requisite programs. Once these programs are documented, trained and implemented, you may develop one or more HACCP plans following the 7 Codex Principle methodology. The number of HACCP plans you will develop and validate are based on the products you manufacture and the complexity of your processes. Food manufacturers that have implemented GMP and HACCP may elect to become HACCP certified. The certification process takes the form of a third-party audit. It is an objective assessment of your food safety system by a respected auditing agency. Contact us to find out more about the food safety certification process. If you already have implemented your GMP procedures, we can help with developing your Codex HACCP plan.


How Sirocco Can Help

HACCP Plan Development Services

Step 1

Outline Your Food Manufacturing or Holding Process

  • Use a flow diagram or narrative
  • Include all inputs (Ingredients, raw materials, processing aids)
  • Identify manual steps and automated steps in your process
  • Describe your finished food products

Step 2

Submit Your Process Documentation to Sirocco

Sirocco uses 7 CODEX principles to create your written  HACCP plan.

Step 3

Receive Your CODEX-HACCP Compliant Plan

Sirocco will have your plan delivered and ready for review within 7 business days on average.

Next Step

Start by booking an expert chat to assess where you are in the process and clarify next steps.

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What is HACCP?

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a preventative and systematic approach to food safety. Its principles are internationally recognised. Under HACCP, preventative controls address biological, chemical and physical hazards associated with food handling and production. HACCP principles can be applied at any point of the food supply chain.

What is the cost and turnover time for Sirocco to prepare a Codex HACCP Plan?

Prices start at $1000 and it takes our team seven business days to complete and deliver the HACCP plan once we receive all the information needed about the company’s product and process.

Interested in a review of your existing plan by a HACCP expert? We charge $240 USD per review.

What are Good Manufacturing Practices?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) provide basic operating conditions, minimal hygienic requirements for the production of safe food. GMPs are internationally recognized and originate from Codex Alimentarius guidelines. GMPs form the pre-requisites or foundation of HACCP. When seeking food safety certification, you need to implement strong GMP procedures prior to developing and implementing a HACCP plan.

What is GFSI?

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a non-profit organisation that provides food safety leadership and benchmarks private standards to ensure minimum food safety requirements for the global food industry. The GFSI-benchmarked standards incorporate HACCP principles and best practices in quality and food safety management. Standard requirements are designed to meet business objectives such as regulatory compliance, food safety, food security, product quality and continuous improvement.

What Clients Are Saying

We successfully passed our initial HACCP certification audit, without a single finding!  While this seemed quite surprising, I then realized that this was due to the thorough gap assessment provided by Sean Xia at Sirocco Consulting, along with additional documentation support. Sean inspected our facility and dug through all of our systems and records in such detail as to be able to expose all of our issues.  We were then provided with our initial HACCP plan and a set of GMP documentation that we were able to edit and integrate with our existing documentation.  But these documents were not just provided to us, they were each individually reviewed in a handover that provided further insights.  And Sean also made himself available for future questions - such amazing support! As we proceeded to work through implementation of the new GMP's and to address all items in the gap assessment, I felt quite confident - albeit a bit trepidatious - about the pending audit.  However, on the audit date, things went so much more smoothly than I ever could have imagined. Thank you, Sirocco!
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