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Sirocco provides Wine Sensory Profiling and Sensory Training for companies across North America, for the benefit of quality control, competitive value, and strategic marketing.

Wine Sensory Profiling

We offer Wine Sensory Profiling services to describe the organoleptic profile of wine reliably. Sensory Profiling is a scientific method that supplements the assessments of the winemaker, sommelier and wine critic. Wines are tasted blind by a trained panel under controlled conditions. The trained panel uses a common “language” to rate the samples. This language is product-specific and is based on sensory attributes such as astringency, berry aroma or oak flavour. The level of these attributes can be estimated consistently using standards or references.  The panelists score each wine on a scale for all relevant attributes. The scores are averaged and used to establish a “sensory map” for each wine. Wine scores are also statistically analyzed to determine the key sensory attributes that explain differences between the samples.

Learn more about Descriptive Analysis, view our Sensory Evaluation of Wine and Sensory Profiling of Merlot – A Case Study.

What About Cost?
The cost of the wine profiling services reflects the panel expertise, the controlled environment, the statistical analysis and interpretation of the data by a trained sensory professional. It guarantees that wine scores are truly representative of your samples. This, in turn, allows you to make less risky decisions.

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Introduction to Sensory Science Training – applicable to food and non-alcoholic beverage products

We provide training workshops on the methodology of performing a Formal Sensory Analysis (discrimination testing, consumer sensory testing). We will equip you and your staff to execute this scientific method on your products, allowing you to gain product knowledge for the benefit of product quality or to support marketing decisions. Our Sensory Training program is unique, as it is designed to equip you to do what we do!

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How Do I Benefit?  
Knowledge of sensory science is slowly becoming a prerequisite for technical and Marketing/Sales professionals in the food and beverage industry where it can impart a competitive edge. Formal sensory analysis generates sensory data and visual tools (“maps”) of the product that can be used for quality control, marketing, research and training purposes. The maps allow comparison of products against benchmarks or competitor’s products. This information can help with your sensory marketing strategy or product branding where you can show value for price. From a quality control or research perspective, formal sensory analysis is a continuous improvement tool. It is a reliable method that helps you track and validate your product specifications and quality objectives.

What Clients Are Saying

Sirocco Food + Wine Consulting provides you with everything you need [for your SQF audit]. It was easy and quick to implement with these templates. Also Karine Lawrence was so helpful whenever I had a question. I highly recommend the Sirocco SQF Templates.
I would like to thank both of you for organizing & presenting this informative valuable training for Food Industry Professionals within the QA Sector. With the SFCR enactment recently, I have gained valuable insight on the expectations of CFIA along with the opportunities & grants  that are available from the “Post - Farm Food Safety Program through your presentation.
Also, Ketki’s presentation on compliance with the FSMA-“Foreign Supplier Verification” gave me valuable information on the expectations of the “Importer” from the “supplier” with regards to pertinent documents associated to food products being exported to the US.
Thanks once again  for all you support.
We contacted Sirocco Consulting after scoring lower than desired on a SQF 8.0 audit. Karine visited our plant and did a gap assessment. We found her efficient and helpful and used her guidance to get our CARs addressed. Subsequently, we hired Karine to return and train our key personnel on the FSPCA course. Again, we appreciate her knowledge and ability to teach in efficiently. I would recommend Sirocco to anyone needing help building their food safety program. Read More
We just had a gap assessment conducted in preparation for our SQF audit. We developed our written program with the help of Sirocco Food and Wine Consulting. These templates are terrific and easy to implement. The SQF consultant who performed the document review was very impressed with the quality of the procedures and record templates. Knowing that our written documents meet the standard, we feel that we are in a good position to pass our SQF audit and obtain our certification.
As a worldwide importer, in-house re-packager, and direct supplier of over 200 diverse food and dietary supplement ingredients, we faced significant compliance challenges surrounding FSMA, FSVP, and dietary supplement GMP, on top of customer requirements for GFSI compliance.  We interviewed multiple food safety consultants prior to choosing Karine Lawrence at Sirocco, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice— Karine’s FSPCA PCQI Lead Instructor, certified SQF trainer/consultant, auditing and R&D background among other experience was the perfect match for our needs.  She took a practical, entity-based approach in helping us design and implement a comprehensive SQF Edition 8 QMS tailored to effectively and efficiently manage our risks and compliance requirements, while keeping the customer service and operational aspects of our business a priority.  We were impressed with both the form and function of her modern SOP and document sets, as well as all the detail HACCP, risk assessment and other diligence she performed, including working within our cloud-based document management/FSVP software system.  Now we’re receiving “Excellent” audit scores and are delivering better value to our customers than ever.  Sirocco was a great choice!
We worked with Sirocco Food & Wine Consulting to get our FSVP. Karine was great to work with. She was very helpful and always got back to us promptly with any questions we had. I would recommend Sirroco to anyone working on getting their FSVP.
What I appreciated about the course taught by Karine and Sirocco, was that it was organized and well presented. Each day had hands on situations presented that could be worked out by the teams as well as volumes of information at hand. This allowed good participation and dialogue about situations and these discussions could lead to real time questions that we could ask as well and work through as needed. It was a good few days of intense learning and exchange.
I got a better understanding of the Food Safety Plan required for FSMA from this [FDA’s Preventive Controls Human Food] training. Karine has skillfully conducted the training as she provided fact-based examples and links to additional resources to help first-timers build an FSP.  Karine was a wonderful trainer with her knowledge of the subject matter and extensive experience in food safety.
I attended the FSPCA Preventive Controls (Human Food)/PCQI course offered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Course materials were good, the mentoring approach was good, and working with other people in group setting made the course content much clearer. Karine Lawrence, the PCQI instructor did a good job of communicating and... Read More
I recently attended the training session for PCQI (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual) required by the FDA for food exporters and U.S. food processing facilities. Karine Lawrence presented a clear view of the requirements and provided good practical example on how to implement them. She worked her way though the extensive manual in a... Read More
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