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  • tastelweb_consumer_tests_v2

    Tastelweb© Featured Sensory Tests

    $499.00 USD$1,950.00 USD
    No contract is needed to access Tastelweb©. We will provide login information. A detailed online help section is provided to initiate and conduct a test as well as to create, edit and save a report. Contact us if you require more information and assistance. Individual sensory test purchases for $499 USD. Your [�K]
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  • Hiilite_Sirocco_HCCP Image_V2

    HACCP Training Course – 2-days

    $499.00 USD
    HACCP Training Course:  Sirocco Consulting is now authorized to deliver the 2-day accredited HACCP training course from the International HACCP Alliance. This course is delivered remotely via Zoom. For in-person, onsite courses, please contact us to request a quote. Get your HACCP certification today!
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  • Sirocco-Consulting-Shop-SQF-Consulting-Success-Pack

    SQF Success Pack

    $60.00 USD$499.00 USD
    Lead instructor, Karine Lawrence is a certified SQF trainer and consultant. She also possesses a HACCP professional designation and has been teaching accredited food safety courses (HACCP and SQF) for 10 years. These 3 consulting service options allow prospects to fast-track the SQF certification and pass the audit with confidence. [�K]
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  • Sirocco_Consulting_PCP

    PCP Importer Plan Template Bundle

    $299.00 USD
    A PCP is a written plan outlining how Canadian importers ensure that imported food is safe and fit for human consumption in Canada and conforms to Canadian consumer protection requirements. Sirocco’s PCP Importer Plan Template Bundle addresses the SFCR preventive control plan contents for import licence holders. The program is aligned with CFIA’s Quality Management Program for Importers (QMPI) which is based on Codex.  [�K]
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  • Sirocco-Consulting-Shop-SQF-Version-9.0-SOP-Templates

    SQF Version 9.0 SOP Templates (Full Bundle) in English or Spanish

    $699.00 USD
    SQF Bundle 9 has been updated to reflect the recent SQFI FSMA addendum.   Save thousands of dollars in man-hours, teach yourself SQF 9.0 and food safety management principles, fast track the SQF document review and SQF 9.0- certification process with these SOP templates. The full package comprises 100+ documents. [�K]
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  • Sirocco-Consulting-Shop-PCQI-Templates

    PCQI Blended Training Course Part 2 – 1 Day Course (FSPCA)

    $250.00 USD
    PCQI TRAINING COURSE (BLENDED COURSE) PART 2:   This Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) Blended Training course was developed to provide an alternative for individuals to complete the FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food course. The Blended course consists of 2 parts.  Part 1 is online, which you can [�K]
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  • HACCP-Certification-Templates

    Canadian HACCP Certification Bundle

    $299.00 USD
    The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) came into force on January 15, 2019. Canadian businesses who hold a CFIA licence to manufacture, process, treat, preserve, grade, package or label food are required to comply with Safe Food for Canadian Requirements (SFCR). Prices in US dollars
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  • PCQI / Preventive Controls for Human Food

    Protected: Private Training – PCQI / FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food

    $350.00 USD
    This 2.5-day instructor-led course is designed as a workshop to allow participants to gain the knowledge and skills to develop a food safety plan that meets FDA’s Preventive Control Human Food requirements. Participants will take part in group exercises and will assess the safety of an array of Ready-to-Eat (RTE) [�K]
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