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Automate Supplier Approvals to Meet FDA FSVP Requirements

Under FSMA, food importers are responsible for the safety of the food they bring into the country. FSVP or Foreign Supplier Verification Program protects the consumer from unsafe imported products. This is achieved by approving suppliers and their raw materials and taking corrective actions where applicable. Importers covered by the FSVP rule must verify that […]

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FDA Creates New Website to Apply to Become “Third-Party Accredited”

This past June, the Food and Drug Association created a new website that allows organizations to potentially be recognized as a Third-Party accreditation body, or third-party auditors. In order to become an accredited body, an organization will have to go through an online application process, which if successful, would give them the ability to conduct food safety audits. They would also be capable of issuing certifications of foreign entities and the food products that they produce, for both human and animal consumption.

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Are you a US Food Importer who requires assistance with the development & implementation of a Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) under FSMA? The new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires that US importers be responsible for the safety of imported food products. Under the new FSVP – Foreign Supplier Verification Program – requirements, US importers must ensure […]

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