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Consumer Research & You: Wine Industry Help from Sirocco Insights

Consumer Research & You: Wine Industry Help from Sirocco Insights

Last month, Sirocco food and wine consulting launched Sirocco Insights, a new consumer behaviour and trends research service, to help wineries and wine retailers collect reliable consumer preference data and effectively engage their customer base.

Why Consumer Research?

The United States consumes more wine in total than any other country according to the Wine Institute, and the amount they are consuming has been gradually increasing every year. Retail spending on wine is now over $62 billion dollars per year, and the Wine Market Council found that 49% of American adults are now drinking wine. There are no instruments or analytical methods that can measure consumer preferences, wine character, or perceived quality, so businesses in the wine industry have an opportunity to utilize consumer market research to better understand who their customers are, what they want, and how to meets their needs.

Wine Grapes | Sirocco Consulting - Consumer Research

America’s neighbours to the north – the B.C. wine industry – also continues to grow, with the B.C. Wine Institute reporting there are now 279 licensed grape wineries and that over 1 million people visit them every year! In a fast-paced business environment, Sirocco Insights provides consumer research services to help you identify and prioritize areas of market growth and ensure you are focusing your resources on the elements that matter most to your customers.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we provide a free consultation to ensure the research is tailored to answer the questions that matter to you. Our customized approach ensures we use the research method that makes the most sense for you, whether that means online surveys, on-site intercepts, taste evaluations, focus groups, interviews, or something else entirely. With over 10 years of research experience, our team will analyze the data and turn it into actionable results!

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Case Studies

Study #1

This past summer, Sirocco researchers worked with a local winery to evaluate their existing and concept product labels. An online survey was used and sent to the winery members in order to better understand the elements of their labels that were effective (or ineffective) for different segments of their clientele, the suitability of each label for pricing levels, and the attitudes towards the new concepts. This winery is now able to use the results to make effective changes to their labelling, ensure they are targeting the right customers, price their varieties correctly, and introduce new concepts that will have customer support.

Study #2

Another study was conducted by Sirocco researchers to determine if customers of a winery were able to differentiate between two similar wines using only taste. A sensory evaluation study was designed and an on-site taste test was conducting by intercepting customers at that winery. The results of this study informed the winery on which sensory attributes impacted the distinction between each wine, and could be used to inform their pricing strategy based on the similar results both wines received. Additionally, the research was an opportunity to engage their customers, involve them in the creative process, and provide some accountability for the types of decisions that the winery was making.

Research Questions?

To learn more about how a custom consumer research study could benefit your company and address some of your research questions, visit our Sirocco Insight page and contact us for more details.

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