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Food Safety Funding Available in British Columbia

Food Safety Funding Available in British Columbia

BC FOOD SAFETY FUNDING is now available.

The BC post-farm food safety program launched in December 2016 and will run till January 31st, 2018.

Under this cost-sharing initiative funded by the Canadian federal and BC governments, BC food and beverage manufacturers are encouraged to adopt enhanced food safety practices and develop a food safety culture.

Post-Farm Food Safety & Traceability Program

The program enables eligible businesses to access up to $35,000 dollars towards the implementation of food safety and traceability systems. Funds may be allocated towards the development of work plans and the completion of food safety assessments. Government funds may facilitate the creation of written food safety/traceability programs including purchasing food safety equipment and performing facility upgrades to meet GMP requirements. The training of employees on food safety related topics such as GMP, allergen control and HACCP systems is also an eligible expense under the program. Companies may also utilize funds towards acquiring food safety/traceability software and the implementation of written food safety systems to reach recognition/certification through third-party auditing (audit must include a HACCP plan).

Cost-sharing ratios and expenses at a glance:

Food Safety and/or Traceability Assessments: 75% to a maximum of $2000
Employee Training: 50% to a maximum of $2000
Implementation of Food Safety Systems: 50% to a maximum of $14000
Implementation of Traceability Systems: 50% to a maximum of $15000
First-time Food Safety Certification Audit: 90% to a maximum of $2000

Food Safety Funding Available in BC | Sirocco Consulting

Food Safety Compliance

Whether you manufacture food for the British Columbia market or you sell products across Canada, you will need to identify which food safety regulations apply to your business. Food safety legislation in BC and Canada is changing rapidly to align with international practices.

BC Food Safety Regulations

The Food Premises Regulation (under the Public Health Act) have recently been updated to enhance food safety in B.C. Updates require food and beverage processors to develop a written food safety plan and sanitation plan based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Upcoming Federal Food Safety Regulations (Canada)

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) provides a number of interactive tools to identify whether Canadian food processors require a license under the proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), or whether they require a Preventive Control Plan and/or a Traceability plan. These resources may be accessed through the following links:

Would you need a licence?

Would you need a Preventive Control Plan?

What would your traceability requirements be?

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