Supplier Approval Management

Approve and monitor your suppliers fast and reliably using Sirocco’s expertise and the 3i Verify Food Management Software!

Are you a food manufacturer or importer? Compliance with International Food Safety standards is required.

Under FSMA, US importers must maintain foreign supplier verification programs (FSVP). Under the Preventive Control rule for human food, FDA mandates that domestic food businesses develop and address supply chain controls. Supplier approvals are also required to maintain your SQF global food safety certification.

Sirocco and 3iVerify can help! Together, we can make getting supplier approvals easy and fully traceable.

How can Sirocco help with Supply Chain Management?

Sirocco Consulting can help you get started with setting up your supplier and product questionnaires. We can then manage the program for you OR teach you how to do it.

  • Meet Food Safety Requirements – SQF, FSMA (FSVP, Preventive Controls)
  • Save time!
  • Save effort and resources!

Sirocco Food and Wine Consulting is partnering with 3i Verify to help you meet food safety requirements. 3iVerify is an easy-to-use cloud-based FSMA compliance portal that ensures you are doing what’s needed to comply with FDA rules on food safety and save time and money.

Time to Automate! Benefits of 3iVerify Food Management Software:

Proven Compliance, Fast – Risk assessments, procedures, records and approvals are in one location. Documents are approved by qualified and authorized users. Electronic documents may be readily shared with those who are granted access.

Save Time – Data entry is made easy with the use of detailed supplier and product questionnaires that feed into your supplier approval program. Updates to existing procedures, product specifications and certification status are easily uploaded and your supplier approval program is updated at the push of a button. The dashboard allows you to visually monitor your key compliance indicators, which gives you the ability to respond quickly and track unapproved documents and incomplete questionnaires.

Change Management Made Easy – The app keeps track of expiry dates and flag items that require updating and follow-up. Authorized users receive an alert with a link and a request to follow up.

Stream Lined Communication – The app enables two-way feedback towards fast and traceable supplier approvals.

Paperless System – You no longer need to print hundreds of documents.

100% Audit-Ready – Your compliance can be audited in real time. You are able to respond to inquiries within hours.

Questions? Ready to get started? Drop us a line!