FSVP | Foreign Supplier Verification Program

Attention Food Importers!

Are you a US Food Importer who requires assistance with the development and implementation of a Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)? Under FSMA, US importers must ensure that imported foods meet the same food safety standards that are required of food produced in the U.S.

Step 1.

You will first need to consult the FDA flow chart to identify whether your business qualifies for full or modified FSVP requirements. In order to facilitate this process, we welcome you to consult the FSVP decision tree wizard from our partners at 3i Verify. If you determine that you must comply, in full, with the FSVP requirements and if you are a small business (< 500 employees), you will have until March 19, 2018 or 6 months after your foreign suppliers meet the Preventive Control Rule for Human Foods to comply. You will also have to obtain a DUNS number, a unique facility identifier acceptable by FDA to be fully compliant.

How can Sirocco help with FSVP?

Sirocco Food and Wine Consulting is PCQI-approved and able to work with you and your foreign suppliers to develop your FSVP plan. We are trained food safety experts who will:

  • Evaluate the risk posed by the imported food product,
  • Assess your foreign supplier’s food safety performance,
  • Approve your foreign suppliers,
  • Develop and monitor supplier verification activities including corrective actions,
  • Maintain your FSVP plan.

Sirocco Food and Wine Consulting is partnering with 3i Verify to help you meet the FDA FSVP requirements. 3iVerify is an easy-to-use cloud-based FDA FSMA compliance portal that ensures you are doing what’s needed to comply with FDA rules on food safety and save time and money.

Client Testimonial of FSVP with Sirocco!

“We worked with Sirocco Food & Wine Consulting to get our FSVP. Karine was great to work with. She was very helpful and always got back to us promptly with any questions we had. I would recommend Sirroco to anyone working on getting their FSVP.” – Doug Williamson, President, Sun-Green USA

What are the benefits of 3iVerify Food Management Software?

Proven Compliance, Fast – Risk assessments, procedures, records and approvals are in one location. Documents are approved by qualified and authorized users. Electronic documents may be readily shared with those who are granted access.

Save Time – Data entry is made easy with the use of detailed supplier and product questionnaires that feed into your FSVP plan. Updates to existing plans, procedures and product specifications are easily uploaded and your FSVP plan updated at the push of a button. The dashboard allows you to visually monitor your key compliance indicators, which gives you the ability to respond quickly and track unapproved documents and incomplete questionnaires.

Change Management Made Easy – the app keeps track of expiry dates and flag items that require updating and follow-up. Authorized users receive an alert with a link and a request to follow up.

Stream Lined Communication – the app enables two-way feedback which fast tracks supplier approval and FSVP compliance.

Paperless System – you no longer need to print hundreds of documents.

100% Audit-Ready – your compliance can be audited in real time. You are able to respond to FDA inquiries within hours.

Get help setting up your FSVP program!

Allow Sirocco’s PCQI experts to help you set up your FSVP program and save money on administration time and chasing suppliers for information. Watch the video below to find out how our food safety experts have built you a supplier and raw materials approval and management system with you in mind.

Questions? Ready to get started? Drop us a line!