SFCR Templates (Full Bundle)


The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) came into force on January 15, 2019. Canadian businesses who hold a CFIA licence to manufacture, process, treat, preserve, grade, package or label food are required to comply with the following Safe Food for Canadian Requirements (SFCR):

  • Conditions of the establishment – SFCR Sections 56 to 71
  • Sanitation, pest control and non-food agents – SFCR Sections 50 to 52
  • Conveyances or equipment – SFCR Sections 53 to 55
  • Loading, unloading, and storage – SFCR Sections 72 to 74
  • Competency – SFCR Section 75
  • Hygiene – SFCR Sections 76 to 81
  • Investigation and notification, complaints and recall – SFCR Sections 82 to 85

Canadian food importers are required to verify that their foreign suppliers deliver the same level of food safety protection as is mandated in the SFCR. They must document verifications that foreign sites operate according to the same SFCR Site, Competency, Hygiene and Investigation/Complaint and Recall requirements as Canadian sites.
Sirocco’s SFCR Template Bundle is easy to customise and implement. Our templates provide all the necessary requirements for food establishments in Canada or abroad to comply with the SFCR regulations. Implementation of the SFCR template bundle provides food operators with a robust food safety system that addresses fundamental food safety practices. Beside regulatory compliance, the procedure manual is a strong foundation for food companies seeking HACCP or GFSI certification.

SFCR Templates Included

Document NumberSOP Title
PCP FO 001Master Sanitation Schedule: non-daily or non-weekly
PCP FO 002Daily Sanitation Report
PCP FO 003Washroom and Common Area Cleaning Log
PCP FO 004Equipment Maintenance Schedule
PCP FO 005Physical Hazard Inspection Log
PCP FO 006Pre-Operational Inspection Report
PCP FO 007Equipment Calibration Log
PCP FO 007-1Scale calibration log
PCP FO 008Non-Conforming Product Report
PCP FO 009Non-Conforming Product Log
PCP FO 010Equipment Maintenance Work Order
PCP FO 010-1Equipment Breakdown Log
PCP FO 011Approved chemical and construction materials list
PCP FO 012Facility Upgrades-Repair Log
PCP FO 013Equipment Commissioning Checklist
PCP FO 014Receiving Checklist (Trailer and Bulk Reefer)
PCP FO 015Shipping Checklist (Trailer and Bulk Reefer)
PCP FO 016Stock rotation and traceability report
PCP FO 017Supplier Questionnaire (US)
PCP FO 018Supplier Questionnaire Canada
PCP FO 019Approved freight carriers
PCP FO 020Temperature Monitoring Cooler
PCP FO 021Temperature Monitoring Freezer
PCP FO 022Employee Training Records Register
PCP FO 023Training Record
PCP FO 024Health and Safety, Security, First Aid Logbook
PCP FO 025New Employee Orientation Checklist
PCP FO 026Recall Contact List
PCP FO 027Notice of Recall
PCP FO 028Mock Recall Report
PCP FO 029Register of Finished Product Specifications
PCP FO 030Customer Complaint Form
PCP FO 031Corrective Preventive Action Report
PCP FO 032Document Register
PCP FO 033Records List
PCP FO 034Register of Contract Service Providers
PCP FO 035Annual Management Meeting Minutes
PCP FO 036Corrective Preventive Action Log
PCP FO 037Metal Detection Monitoring and Verification Logs
PCP FO 038Allergen List
PCP FO 039Approved Signatures List
PCP FO 040Risk Assessment Template
PCP FO 041Finished Product List
PCP FO 042Register of Raw Material and Packaging Specifications
PCP FO 043Visitor Log
PCP FO 044Pre Post Operational Inspection of glass instruments
PCP FO 045Blade and Knive Inspection Log
PCP FO 046Annual Management Review Schedule
PCP FO 047Maintenance and Operation of Establishment Checklist (Food Manufacturing)
PCP FO 048Premises and Building Exterior Inspection Checklist
PCP FO 049Well and Water Distribution System Disinfection Log
PCP GE 001Brush and Pail Policy
PCP GE 002Regulatory Inspection Guidance
PCP PR 001Pest Control Procedure
PCP PR 002Cleaning and Sanitation
PCP PR 003Environmental Monitoring Program
PCP PR 004Equipment Maintenance and Calibration
PCP PR 005Premises and Building Exterior Inspection Procedure
PCP PR 006Compressed air quality
PCP PR 007Water Quality
PCP PR 008Waste Disposal
PCP PR 009Ventilation System
PCP PR 010Non-Conforming Product
PCP PR 011Allergen Control Procedure
PCP PR 012Physical hazard Control Procedure
PCP PR 013Stock Rotation Procedure
PCP PR 014Shipping, Receiving and Storage Procedure
PCP PR 015Training Procedure
PCP PR 016Personnel hygiene and practices
PCP PR 017Product Coding and Traceability
PCP PR 018Recall Procedure
PCP PR 019Customer Complaint Procedure
PCP PR 020Management Review
PCP PR 021Document and Record Control
PCP PR 022Corrective and Preventive Action
PCP PR 023Specifications for Contract Service Providers

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The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) came into force on January 15, 2019. Canadian businesses who hold a CFIA licence to manufacture, process, treat, preserve, grade, package or label food are required to comply with Safe Food for Canadian Requirements (SFCR).

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