Expert Chats – Consulting Services (4 Hour Advisory Package)


Food Safety Advisor Services – do you need to talk to an expert? We provide insights on US FDA Preventive Control plan, cGMP, HACCP, SQF, Canadian PCP.     

Are you considering becoming SQF/HACCP certified? Do you wish to comply with food safety requirements? Do you plan to develop a Preventive Control Plan for your product line (US FDA or Canadian PCP) but need advice on how to get started?   

Speak directly with a Certified SQF food safety expert. 

If you have little time or cannot attend a food safety system implementation course but would like to access key knowledge from experts in the field, contact us to discuss the SQF standard, SQF certification processthe Codex HACCP plan and how to implement SQF code requirements. Access the information easily and efficiently.   

New to food safety? We can help you and your team navigate through the food safety jargon. Make sense of HACCP, GFSI, PCPs, PCs, CCPs and GMPs. Learn about food safety compliance fast.    

$800.00 USD

Do you or your food safety team need to talk to a Food Safety expert? We provide insights on US FDA Preventive Controls, cGMP, HACCP, SQF Certification, Canadian PCP.

Empower and train your employees. If you have little time to attend a food safety course but would like to access key knowledge from experts in the field, contact Sirocco and talk directly with an experienced expert.

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$800.00 USD