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  • FSMA Compliance

    The third major compliance date has arrived for the preventive controls under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Since September 17, 2018, all FDA-registered companies, including very small businesses*, must develop and maintain a food safety plan approved by a Preventive Control Qualified Individual (PCQI). *business averaging less than $1 million per year (adjusted for inflation) in annual sales of human food plus the market value of human food manufactured, processed, packed, or held without sale.

  • SFCR Compliance

    It was announced recently that the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations will come into force on January 15, 2019. Under the food safety regulations, importers and food manufacturers who ship across province must meet Preventive Controls, Traceability and Consumer Protection Requirements. Note that some of the traceability and labelling provisions also apply to intra-provincially traded foods including alcoholic beverages.

  • Food Safety Management

    Required to meet stricter food safety regulations in North America, food businesses feel the need to achieve food safety certification to be competitive and meet customer expectations.

  • Food Safety Staffing

  • Food Safety Resources

    We receive a lot of traffic on our website and food safety blog. Companies and professionals currently access our SQF certification, food fraud and regulatory (FSMA/SFCR) content.

  • Food Safety Consulting Services

    Our clients tell us that our SQF templates have made a difference in their business. They also find value in our PCQI training, food safety plan development and gap analysis services.

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